Burtzland Outfitters is a unique 1880's Western themed gun shop with good ole fashioned respect for our customers. We offer a wide range of firearms, ammunition, hunting and camping, and much more! Come in and shop, or just sit down, have a cup of coffee and enjoy some ole time conversation!


This is a one day 9 hour class. Times are 9am - 6pm.

Classes are kept small to 14 spots.

What's included:

Class room material,   Range time,   Passport photo,   Application for Sherrifs department,   Lunch,    All you need is a gun and 50 round of ammunition. Loaner guns are availabel if needed.


A 48 hour advasnce notice is required for cancelation or rescheduling or your spot will be forfitted in calss and payment non refundable.

5 hours of range time ($50.00 value) for only $39.95


These are 1 hour session tickets that can be used at anytime. Makes a wonderful gift for anyone.